A lot of Job applicants ask this question.

Before sending your cover letter, always check the company’s application requirements, it will give you clues on to go about it.

If it is not stated in the vacancy, add it to the body of the mail.

Dream big! Work smart! Avoid excuses, growth becomes inevitable in this stage.

Great Week ahead everyone.

How Do I Become Relevant In The Industry?

The world is constantly evolving and change is inevitable, hence, technologies built are fast making jobs easier and faster, as a result, certain jobs become redundant.

Since change is the only constant thing, survival in the industry will depend on how fast and smart you work on improving your skills, the service rendered and your talents to fit into the industry.

How Do I Sound Confident During Interviews?

Interviews are like conversations, but in a formal way.

Speaking confidently during interviews makes your listener believe that you know what you’re saying, hence, pays attention.

Confidence is not built in a day but intentional desire, practice and success does the trick.

It’s ok to feel nervous sometimes, but, you can consciously increase confidence, by monitoring your tone of voice, your pace and intonation. All these go a long way.

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